Emotional Intelligence Training Academy

Imagine a treadmill. Now imagine turning it up to full speed. Now imagine raising the incline to as steep as it can go. Our work lives can often feel like being on a steep treadmill with speed set to max. The reality is that we live in an era when we are expected to be always on.


However, it’s important to remember that most of the world’s pressing challenges aren’t due to a lack of data or technical skills, they’re emotional and relational. Stress and complexity are on the rise, and well-being & employee engagement are falling.


Research has shown that Emotional Intelligence is key to unlocking a set of skills that will help us lower our stress and build our resilience. It will also increase our well-being while at the same time improving workplace performance.


I am committed to providing cutting-edge OnDemand offerings that will help you expand the four main areas of emotional intelligence.

·     Self-Awareness

·     Self-Management

·     Social-Awareness

·     Relationship Management


I invite you to explore the various offerings and remember that Emotional Intelligence is the key skill that differentiates exceptional leaders from average leaders.

Dr. Irvine Nugent

Behavioral Analyst & EQ Expert

Dr. Irvine Nugent helps people harness the power of their emotions so they can have deeper connections, make better decisions, and increase their influence. He possesses fifteen-plus years in senior leadership roles in organizations of various sizes, stages of growth, and different sectors. He is experienced in challenging business environments and has worked extensively with executive and emerging leaders as an executive coach and consultant, helping them become more self-aware, manage their emotions, read the emotions of others and manage their relationships. He is an internationally recognized trainer and top-rated keynote speaker and is one of the few worldwide certified FACS coders, who are experts in reading facial emotions. A gifted storyteller, his programs are infused with passion, dynamism, and of course, his natural Irish humor. He is the author of Leadership Lessons From The Pub.